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Dr Jim's Records released records from 1990 to 2006. The label was based in Melbourne Australia and was founded by Jim Glaspole and Edgar Lee. The label was unconcerned with the specifics of genre, and the aim was to make each release worthy of repeated and deeper listening, whether experimental or more conventional in nature.

Anyway the label has now passed into the afterlife. The site has now ceased to operate as a clearing house.

Over the last fifteen years we had the great pleasure of working with many very creative and talented musicians, and in particular we would like to name David Brown, John Murphy, Michael Sheridan, Sønke Rickertsen, Vikki Riley, Tony Buck, Kato Hideki, Otomo Yoshihide, Sean Baxter, Jason Fuller, Tony Forde, Oren Ambarchi, Robbie Abenaim, Nik Kamvissis, Jamie Fielding, Jaimie Leonarder (and the Mu-Mesons), Jad Fair, Jason Willett, David Watson, Tim O'Dwyer, James Wilkinson, Adam Simmons, Rasmus B Lunding, Philip Samartzis, Tim Catlin and David Wadelton. Thank you to the musicians, and thank you to the people who purchased our CDs and enjoyed them. Your support and feedback was really appreciated.