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The Dr Jim's releases that were available online until 16 March 2009 are listed here. The online shop has shut. Most stock has been returned to the artists concerned and contact details for them will added to the catalogue description over time.

Morpho | Limited Edition
(Dr Jim 3600)

Redolent of the mingled aroma of burning rubber and cheap perfume, the 12 genre-trampling slabs of dynamic audio on this CD explore diverse musical worlds including fringe-pop, exploitation and sci-fi soundtracks, free-form improvisation and classic electronica.

Available NOW!!

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Morpho | Morpho
(Dr Jim 36)

Redolent of the mingled aroma of burning rubber and cheap perfume, the 12 genre-trampling slabs of dynamic audio on this CD explore diverse musical worlds including fringe-pop, exploitation and sci-fi soundtracks, free-form improvisation and classic electronica.

Available NOW!

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bucketrider | l'événements
(Dr Jim 35)

Dischord, microtonality, free noise, artifice, high-fat riffs, and horns like jet engines make l'événements bucketrider's richest and most delightful work yet.

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Tim Catlin | Slow Twitch
(Dr Jim 34)

"Tim Catlin has taken the shimmering ephemeral nature of the guitar's indefinite identity and exploded it into a fine mist. The guitar is not a solid entity, its location in the mix not longer governed by a common understanding of how the elements of rock fit together. Free of such constraints, the sound is allowed to evolve and mutate, pulsate, rattle, hum, buzz, crackle, breathe, and resonate of its own accord...."

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Western Grey | Glacial Erratic
(Dr Jim 33)

Western Grey is a trio of severity and icy minimalism. The members include Melbourne sound artist Philip Samartzis and the revolutionary artists from Lazy, Sean Baxter and David Brown. The recording has been made via a process utilising found drumbeats, fresh-recorded electronic sound and guitar improvisations, and mixed using a subtractive process to create an electroacoustic album of extreme minimalist tension.

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Adam Simmons Toy Band | Happy Jacket
(Dr Jim 32)

A disarming playful jazz which charms with its innocence and impresses with its brilliant musicianship.

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Lazy | Microsonics
(Dr Jim 31)

Sean Baxter and David Brown explore the sounds and textures of microscopic acoustic gestures, produced with prepared electric guitar, drum kit and percussive junk. This is rarefied free improvisation which, though focused on miniscule sounds, is best appreciated at frighteningly loud volumes--a kind of inverse noise-grind/shitcore experience.

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Rasmus B Lunding and Philip Samartzis | Fluorescent
(Dr Jim 30)

The first recorded collaboration between Danish electroacoustic improviser Rasmus B Lunding and Australian sound artist Philip Samartzis.

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bucketrider | Le Baphomet
(Dr Jim 29)

A sonic melting-pot where noise meets sonority, chaos meets order, and detournement meets the muse, this is bucketrider's third album.

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Candlesnuffer | Candlesnuffer
(Dr Jim 28)

Candlesnuffer is David Brown. He has a history in Melbourne that yawns back to the mid-70's and has seen a progression from rock kid with a bass guitar to academically qualified guitar experimenter. His musical gifts have been a virtual secret here due to his lack of a travel bug. However it's time the word got out and at the grand old age of 45 this is his first solo release. He is known best as a member of bucketrider and Lazy, as well as for recorded work with KK Null, and performances with Null, Phill Niblock, Jon Rose, along with an army of local avant-gardists.

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Blood Duster | C**T
(Dr Jim 27)

Blood Duster's fourth and last release on Dr Jim's Records, after this they cut loose and began their own label.

Jad Fair and Jason Willett | The Mighty Hypnotic Eye
(Dr Jim 26)

The Mighty Hypnotic Eye is another 20 odd tracks from the 2000 plus that Jad and Jason recorded in Jasonís chaotic warehouse in Baltimore, mainly from more extreme end of these sessions in the sense of musical adventure and sheer whimsy. Jad fair continues in his unremitting way with paeans to Hollywood Horror, discourses on slumber parties and entreaties for love. Jason Willett has brought the spirit of the earliest Half Japanese home-baked punkiness back for many lovers of this style.

bucketrider | Guignol's Band
(Dr Jim 25)

The five-piece bucketrider arrives.

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bucketrider | The Adoration of the Lamb
(Dr Jim 24)

bucketrider's origins as a trio... guaranteed to delight cryptographers, full of ciphers to confound.

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The Martians | Dislocate My Hip
(Dr Jim 23)

... with Roman Tucker, before he had the good sense to ditch the other two whackos and start Rocket Science.

Blood Duster | str8outtanorthcote
(Dr Jim 22)

Blood Duster's third official release. Consistent high quality rock

David Watson's The Wax | Wax and Wane
(Dr Jim 21)

David Watson (expatriate New Zealander living in New York) exposes the bagpipe's potential as a modern instrument; the recording also features Otomo Yoshihide, Ikue Mori, Kato Hideki, Andrea Parkins and Evan Gallagher. Cover art by Ikue Mori.

"Somehow while playing guitar in the improv scene with my own personal bent for sound, world music and history, I thought the bagpipe might tie all these things together. And an interesting trip it has been. ...This disc shows pretty much the `control' side of a helter skelter ride through chaos and control, guitaring and piping, improv and composition, benevolent dictating and great live band(s). We never had two gigs with the same line-up..." -David Watson.

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Jad Fair | Monarchs
(Dr Jim 20)

Great early Jad from 1985, was unavailable for too long.

Erik Lindgren, synth, organ, electronic percussion; Roger Miller, piano, slide guitar; Martin Swope, guitar; Rick Scott, organ, unidentified instrument, piano; Mark Jickling, guitar, bass, percussion; Glenn Jones, guitar; Phil Milstein, percussion, guitar; John Dreyfus, percussion, sax; David Fair, drums; Margie Moreman, vocal; Tom Recchion, drums, bass, musette, synth, guitar; Fredrik Nilsen, bass; Jad Fair, everything else.

Jad Fair and Jason Willett | Honey Bee
(Dr Jim 19)

Jad and Jason evoke "Loud" era Half-Jap, your ears bleed but you need it.

Fungus Brains | Ron Pistos Real World
(Dr Jim 18)

A true Melbourne original from 1983, and a bastard to find on vinyl... features Mick Turner (Dirty Three) in one of his most notable early guitar recordings.

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Moosejaw Quintet | Waltzes Tears and Trains
(Dr Jim 17)

Country music from North Fitzroy.
This used to sooth us all down at the Empress.

Magnacite | Safety In The Workplace
(Dr Jim 16)

Classic piece of crusty grind from Melbourne.

The Martians | We Three Assholes
(Dr Jim 15)

... with Dave Archdall and Daniel Dempster, before they had the good sense to ditch Roman and start Sailors.

Blood Duster | Yeest
(Dr Jim 14)

Even more evil than FTD. Blood Duster's second official release.

Jamie Fielding | Extinkt
(Dr Jim 13)

Jamie Fielding, synth, trombone, sampler; Guy Maddison, bass, trombone; Sybilla, vocals; Peter Hartley, drums; Jon Evans, tapes, ARP; Michael Sheridan, guitar; John Murphy, evil AKS synth. Recorded 1991.

"When Australian piano player Jamie Fielding died in 1993 in a train accident in Sydney, he was 32 and virtually unknown. Although no projects were released under his name during his lifetime... it now seems evident that Fielding will become a legendary, semi-mythic figure, for in imaginative scope, virtuoso technique and joyful audacity, the only musician to compare him with is the late Russian Sergey Kuryokhin." - David Lewis, Coda.

Phlegm and Mu-Mesons | split single
(Dr Jim 12)

The only official Mu Mesons release was one side of this single.

Phlegm | Mr Hoo Ha Visits The Non-Stop Pissing Circus
(Dr Jim 11)

This release was Phlegm's first and is great in it's own way, it being an overexuberant piece of juvenilia from a trio of artists who have all gone on to endeavours more deserving of your respect.

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Loggerhead | Demons In Rapture
(Dr Jim 10)

Adam/Milton (same man) Francois

Throwaways | Postmadonna Primadonna
(Dr Jim 9)

Intense garage punk, all charm. Features Sean Baxter from Bucketrider and Lazy.

Blood Duster | Fisting The Dead
(Dr Jim 8)

Pure sonic evil. Blood Duster's first ever official release.

Peril | Peril
(Dr Jim 7)

Michael Sheridan, Tony Buck (Australia) Kato Hideki, Otomo Yoshihide (Japan)

Dumb and The Ugly | Atmospheres of Metal
(Dr Jim 6)

A major slab of searing rock experimentalism, features Dave Brown, Michael Sheridan and John Murphy. Guest appearances from Mia Stone, Ollie Olsen and "V".

Christbait | Yeast
(Dr Jim 5)

Christbait Yeast

Dumb and The Ugly | Blue Monk single
(Dr Jim 4)

Dumb Ugly Blue Monk

Sally | EP
(Dr Jim 3)

Sally Robin Richard

Dumb and The Ugly | EP
(Dr Jim 2)


Slub | Roottmann LP
(Dr Jim 1)