Hearing is believing
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Adam Simmons Toy Band | Happy Jacket
(Dr Jim 32)

wake me with a sledgehammer

bucketrider | The Adoration of the Lamb
(Dr Jim 24)


bucketrider | Guignol's Band
(Dr Jim 25)

almost lucid fairytale

bucketrider | Le Baphomet
(Dr Jim 29)

rondo for ambotto VI

bucketrider | l'événements
(Dr Jim 35)

le syndicalisme revolutionnaire

Candlesnuffer | Candlesnuffer
(Dr Jim 28)

perilous bed
without xenakis

Lazy | Microsonics
(Dr Jim 31)

microsonics track2
microsonics track4

Morpho | Limited Edition
(Dr Jim 3600)

she's out big man

Morpho | Morpho
(Dr Jim 36)

she's out big man

Rasmus B Lunding and Philip Samartzis | Fluorescent
(Dr Jim 30)

huden spaender formen ud
saltet giver sveden smag

Tim Catlin | Slow Twitch
(Dr Jim 34)

metal fatigue (excerpt)
slow twitch (excerpt)

Western Grey | Glacial Erratic
(Dr Jim 33)

close to nothing
electrostatic transfer (excerpt)